I am an independent photographer and videographer based in BURLINGTON, VERMONT.

In the photos and videos I create, I pursue fleeting nostalgia, wanderlust, and an outdoor attitude. I am constantly hunting for compelling narratives and visuals.

I am an avid freeskier and inline skater, and spend my free time practicing, shooting, and socializing with those who share these interests. The motion of the human form is one of my driving creative motivations.

I am looking to work with you on your next creative project. Contact me here.  



My photography is inspired by the soft nostalgia for which the mind longs in memories of travel and beautiful natural landscapes. Capturing human emotion and motion is my primary creative focus. Lastly, I use photography as a force of adventure and a means to enjoy the outdoors.  



I am to create powerful documentary and action sports films. I also love working with new and established brands in order to market ideas and products in unique and inspired ways. Video also provides me an outlet to create animation and storytelling in new and invigorating ways.