Aaron Kalat



Push The Needle Forward - Sean Flynn

Over the 2016-2017 ski season, I was fortunate enough to get to know budding young skier, Sean Flynn. Sean rode with me throughout the season at Sugarbush, and I was able to film him frequently.

Since the creation of this video, Sean's crew, FBU, has gained notoriety throughout the East Coast, and Sean was featured in Sugarbush's series "Bush Bandits"

This project is an attempt to create a documentary style interview with young park skiers who are on the rise in the East Coast scene.

A Foolish Offering

In A Foolish Offering, I intended to capture what my average day skiing Sugarbush Parks felt like during the 2016-2017 season.
Shot entirely on miniDV, the film explores what it means to be casually obsessed with the sport of skiing. It also encapsulates the insane variety of personalities that a skier comes into contact in a day riding the Sunny D lift. 

Above all, this film captures a little piece of who I was in the moment of my first full season riding at Sugarbush, and I may look to expand this project into a series.

OSD - The Deal

This film is a short re-advertisement that explores the reality (and the absurdity) of being horribly obsessed with skiing.

In this film, we aimed to take a stab at PSA style ads, and the film explores the concept of placing skiing in situations like drug deals to create humor. The over the top nature of the film made it one of my favorites to work on.